Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022


This week we got word about we being booked for the Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022 this summer June 30 - July 2. Looking at the lineup this far it's going to be a a super-festival with some of our favourite bands. Varoitus from Motala, Last Climb that we played with in Jönköping not so long ago and of course our long time friends in Rövsvett from Tranås. Playing can sometimes be a shit-detail but never with Rövsvett around, these guys allways bring out the best in you and make sure that everybody have a good time.

We have currently no date for when we are to enter the stage so make sure to check out Fragile Mountain Punk Festival 2022 page for more information becouse there are STILL WAY MORE FUCKING BANDS

Min titel image:Fragile Mountains Punk Festival 2020.

cheers First In Line

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Christmas is upon us

Christmas is storming in and it usually means gigs. We have some dates booked but there are still missing eventpages for a couple of them so check back for updates.

2019.12.07 - Kulturhuset Jönköping eventinfo

2019.12.28 - Skylten Linköping

2020.01.18 - Cyklopen Bandhagen

So ho-ho-ho see you there

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Troublemakers and Shuvit at Palatset April 28th

On the Friday 28th of April we are having guests from Gothenburg and Ronneby with punkrockers Troublemakers and skatepunkers Shuvit, and F.I.L are supporting them on Liveklubben #208 downstairs at Palatset in Linköping. Troublemakers go way back to the beginning of the eighties and have won first prize in the punk/hardcore category at Manifest for their album Made in Sweden in 2010.

Check out Troublemakers and Shuvit at FB, tickets can be prepurchased trough Tickster and detailed information about the gig can be found att Liveklubben eventpage, please check it out.

We are looking forward to seeing the lot of you Friday 28th, till then enjoy Shuvit's fantastic "Ignorance Is Bliss" on YouTube.

See you there!

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F.I.L + Rövsvett + No Idea

On december 17 we will be performing at l'Orient in Linköing with two magnificent bands from Tranås and Finspång - Rövsvett and No Idea. Rövsvett is one of the oldest still playing punkbands in Sweden and we had the honour to play with them last year at l'Orient.

Checkout Rövsvett and No Idea on facebook, also visit the l'Orient eventpage on fb for more info and latest news on the event, in the meantime enjoy this clip of Rövsvett

Old School hardcore at it's best! Welcome!

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