Back From The Dead Records

...yeah, do it!

A couple months ago we were contacted by MrT from the British-based Back From The Dead Records who proposed releasing Wake Up on their label and we just said .....yeah, do it!

It's a release on BandCamp and a limited edition cardsleeve CD for British market but rumors says there are a couple of them heading to Sweden soon and we'll keep you posted about when that is happening and we'll try to get the new site up and running where you can buy them and other stuff directly from here. In the meantime enjoy them over at Back From The Dead Records

Back From The Dead Records

They are a diy UK punk rock label who promote both UK and overseas bands as well as re-releasing music that deserves to be heard. We are wery proud to get the opportunity to work with them and we want to thank them for their time and effort to make this happen. Check it out and make sure to check out the other bands in their roster, there are som really nice gems out there.

Back From The Dead Records logotype.

So again, thank you for making this happen and make sure to support them by bying records, we know it's hard in these times with COVID-19 and all but those of you who can it!

cheers, First In Line

20200522 13:10


Tompa 20210903 23:43

Kajsa Grytt!! Flamman, tidigt åttiotal!! Eran trummis och basist vet vad det handlar om!
Åsa med Asta Kaskväskan hälsar!!

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