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F.I-L on Spotify

After being away from the digital streaming-services for a couple of years we decided to put them all upp again while we were at it with the release of our latest recording Wake Up!. We have also talked to Bridge Of Compassion Records about putting up our backcatalog that they have but they could not give us a date about when. They also have some epic recordings by other great LKHC bands we are hoping for is going to hit the streaming-services soon, bands like Section 8, Backside, Roswell, etc. have some releases there. At the same time we have had clearence From BOC to release both Backside/FIL Split 7" and I Know... 7" as mp3-files for download, use n'abuse.

Meanwhile keep your eyes and ears open for the them to show up on the steraming-services and check back here for more news and info. Also make sure to follow us on social media, the links are in the sidebar on the right.

Enjoy /First In Line

20191020 15:51


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