Wake Up! Digital release

New album out NOW! 7 Songs. Wake Up!

Wake Up.... Wake The Fuck Up!

As the title says it, Wake Up! and it was time to wake the fuckup from over two years of hard work, hard slacking and hard core... core!? We went to Studio Underjord in fall of 2018 to record seven songs with a live setup to get the the sound we enjoy best and hopefully you too and we finally got our selves to register an account over at DistroKid for this release, we also did a re-release of our backlog that went missing for a couple of years.

Love For All

This spring we also recorded a video for Love For All down in the stinking basement, right across the hallway where we have our rehersalroom. Recorded by F.I.L and edited by Errol att ET Media, go check them out, but first....

images:first in line

Streaming services

Please follow the link of your liking for more hard core at Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Deezer and also check us out at Facebook and Twitter for more info and discussions

cheers, First In Line

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