Studio is booked

It is 9 furiOus hardcore songs in total

Studiotime at Hoborec is booked in May

In beginning of May this year we are going to Hoborec in Lund for a two day recordingsession with Ulf Blomberg. The plan is to record 9 new songs for a digital release later this year so we are hard at work rehearsing them in our new rehearsingroom in central LKPG. First of is a preproduction at home to get a feel for the new material and to send it over to Hoborec to get Ulf up to speed for what it's all about. It is 9 furious hardcore songs in total. Stay tuned for more information and maybe there will be a teaser out before the summer. In the meantime check out Hoborec and Ulf's work on some of his pages.

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